We Take Your Safety Seriously

Being a veteran and former EOD Technician (Bomb squad) in the U.S. Army, I understand the safety aspect you, and your family are concerned about.  NOTHING is more important.  I’m using all of my safety and training knowledge with hazardous materials, that I learned, to help maintain your safety during our photo shoot.

Safety has always been a major concern for not only you, but your family and children as well.  I feel obligated to discuss how we operate (because I’m also a Dad) so you have the best information on how we can approach a safe photo shoot (Senior/Headshot/Family/Engagement) together.

How We do photo shoots safely

#1 - Disinfect

We disinfect all of our gear not only prior to your session but also after.  

It is very unlikely that you will even come into contact with any of our gear but in the event you do, you can be sure it has been disinfected with a bleach or alcohol solution.

This ensures we are doing our best to prevent any cross contamination between environments for your session and prevents the likelihood of any sort of contagion.

#2 - Distancing

We have professional equipment to make excellent images from a distance and not even need to be close up.  

Even though the state mandates a 6′ social distance between individuals, we very frequently operate from 12-15 feet or more during your photo session.  

Everything we do with posing and lighting is also done from a safe distance during your photo shoot.   

All of our posing is done verbally and not hands-on while we have you mirror us during a session.  If you’ve never seen a 6’2″, 250 lb guy try to do a female pose, you might just lose your composure and bust out laughing. 

 I also have a voice that carries so you won’t have a problem hearing me from those distances.

#3 - Scheduling

We operate on a limited amount of sessions per day, so we have adequate time to disinfect our gear after each session.  

This also helps us ensure that you have enough time for your session so we can create some epic images on your session date.  There is no need to rush, we won’t be hurrying as the next person is walking in the door.

#4 - Travel

Travel to or between locations will be conducted in separate vehicles.

In the off chance there has been any contamination from other sources getting into our vehicle, we prefer transportation to be done in your own personal vehicle during sessions.  This will provide adequate separation and state of mind for your own safety.

Final Note

I have 2 sons and understand your need for a safe photo session.  Whether it is an Engagement, Headshot, Senior or Family session, we will operate safely with your best interests to create some amazing photos for you.


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